When you click any of the following free trial lessons, your child will be given three options:

Pre-test: Where you assess you child’s current level
Tutorial: After the assessment, your child will watch a video lesson to strengthen the weak areas identified in the pre-test
Exam: Test his/her level again and see how much he/she scores

Free mathematics


Free English Grammar

Numbers 1 to 5

Numbers 6 to 9

Counting by 1, 2, 5, and 10 to 100

Addition to 99

Finding the area of a triangle

Introducing the formula for volume

The kilogram

Volume of pyramids and cones

Introduction to percentages

Algebraic equations

Simply algebraic fractions

Negative Indices

Geometry triangles



Quadratic equations


Simple verbs


Auxiliary verbs


Spelling skills


Discovering English

Level 1: Reading Exercise

Level 2: Reading Exercise

Level 3: Listening/Speaking

Level 4: Listening/Speaking

Level 5: Reading Exercise

Level 6: Listening/Speaking

Level 7: Listening/Speaking

Level 8: Reading